AIR TETIAROA has rapidly become a key player in the Polynesian sky, specialized in private charter flights and tailor-made missions to all airports dispatched in the 5 archipelagoes of French Polynesia. It only operates flights on demand, for a varied, demanding clientele, that includes luxury tourists, private business travelers, companies, Polynesian administrations and the French State.

Its fleet of 2 Twin Otters (DHC6-300) and 2 Britten-Norman Islanders is suitable for all types of missions and charters.

The company has more than thirty employees, it carries out the maintenance of its fleet itself in a PART 145 approved environment, its training and crew instructions within of its ATO (integrated training organization – Approved Training Organization). Safety management and quality/compliance audit functions are completing the internal organization, under the control of French and European civil aviation authorities.

Security and Compliance are at the center of the company's concerns for its customers.


In addition to its primary mission of flying to THE BRANDO hotel on the private island of Tetiaroa since 2014, Air Tetiaroa has developed an expertise, based on human and technical resources, to welcome and fly a high-end clientele and meet their expectations. This results in an improved service to every passenger and charterer of private flights. The private Air Tetiaroa Lounge also provides enhanced quality of reception and discretion for all passengers.

Reactivity 7/7

Air Tetiaroa responds and processes all your requests as soon as possible within hours, and provides feasibility studies and suitable commercial proposals.


The size of the company combined with its own human and technical resources makes it possible to accomplish all types of missions and charters, and to meet your requirements. Safety and compliance with the various applicable French and European civil aviation regulations remain a top priority for Air Tetiaroa.


The types of aircraft in the company's fleet, procedures, and redundancy of the means guarantee an exceptional reliability all year round. Initiating and conducting private flights and all types of charters as planned is intrinsically part of Air Tetiaroa DNA since the very beginning.