Air Tetiaroa

Air Tetiaroa is part of the leading hotel group in French Polynesia, Pacific Beachcomber present in Polynesia for 50 years.

The development project of Tetiaroa island 60 km north of Tahiti and the opening in 2014 of THE BRANDO resort necessitated a safe and reliable air operation: Air Tetiaroa has successfully fulfilled this mission as a sound air operator with the highest standards.

Until today, this initial mission prevails as the airline is the umbilical cord of this luxury product, a resort developed in a visionary and integrated approach of sustainable development.

The imperatives of quality, flexibility, service and reliability have been inscribed in the DNA of the company since its creation.

Air Tetiaroa is thus part of a sustainable and more global economic model, which allows it to cope with the vagaries of the economic situation while having long-term visibility. This explains its rapid development in less than 10 years: from one to 4 aircraft, from a staff of 8 to more than 30 employees.

While capitalizing on its experience and acquired know-how, this approach combined with constant investments has enabled the company to diversify its activity. As a result, Air Tetiaroa flies to all the airfields in French Polynesia and represents a real tool for tourism development and a complement to the planning policy and services to the populations of the five archipelagos.

Air Tetiaroa in numbers

Destination airports
All across French Polynesian islands
For private charters
Creation in 2013,
Operation started in 2014
12 500
Passengers (total 2022)
2 350
Flights (total 2022)